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From an early age, Annie demonstrated her artistic abilities, her flair for colour, shape and design. Excelling in Art and Design throughout School and College, she has always wanted to produce standout work, with a different twist - definitely not the average Artist. Having experimented with resin during her College years, it was initially a hobby, for fun, a distraction.

When the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic exploded, Annie’s profession as a make-up artist was impacted. She was able to turn her thoughts to other familiar ways to demonstrate her artistic flair and to the production of bespoke resin art pieces.

She began making a range of pieces, including coasters and book marks, for close family and friends. Before she knew it, she had enquiries galore and the requests she received varied widely, leading her to expand her range.

In November 2020 Annie created her very own brand, The Resin Room. You are very welcome to enter.